45 years of track record in DNA production

Our company has 45 years track record in DNA production.
We are recognised for being able to provide DNA for both topical and injectable applications, with a very low level of impurities.


Sodium DNA is a raw material for cosmetics with unique properties

  • Produced from wild salmon milt, sustainably extracted as a salmon by-product
  • A gentle production process of DNA designed to protect the double strand structure of DNA and ensure a very high level of purity
  • Large molecular weight range


Sodium DNA is used in cosmetic products such as

  1. Lifting serum/ night mask
  2. Repairing cream post aesthetic treatment
  3. Brightening serum/lotion/shield
  4. UV Shield for sensitive skins

Cosmetic Applications

Moisture retention
Free radical scavenger
Anti-peroxidizing activities
Healing effect