Feel the difference with HTL inside

Feel the difference with HTL inside

We Are Worldwide

A global company with a heart in Brittany

HTL Biotechnology is the pioneer in the development and sustainable production of pharmaceutical grade biopolymers, used to develop life-changing treatments for millions of patients worldwide.

Backed by 30 years of expertise, we now work with more than 100 clients in 30 countries. In total, over 400 million syringes of hyaluronic acid have been safely used since 2006.

30 Years of expertise
100+ clients
30 countries of export
400+ million syringes safely used since 2006

A trusted partner

As the market leader in pharmaceutical grade biopolymers for medical use, we work every day to :

  • Provide its customers with high-quality products ;
  • Ensure the health, safety and well-being of its employees ;
  • Control the environmental impact of its activities ;
  • Innovate in an ethical and responsible manner with its customers, suppliers and other partners.