What is our
Raison d'être

HTL Biotechnology’s mission is to unleash the potential of hyaluronic acid and biopolymers for the benefit of those seeking to improve the health and well-being of patients worldwide.


Foundation of Javenech, a biotechnology research lab committed to human health


Foundation of HTL Biotechnology


Pioneer in Hyaluronic Acid production by bacterial fermentation


HTL Biotechnology becomes the world leader in injectable grade Hyaluronic Acid


Investments in large R&D and production projects


Fermentation-based production of new biopolymers of medical interest


Opening of Paris office

Launch of a LabCom for biomaterials


Opening of the new GMP manufacturing facility HTL4

Opening of US and Asia offices

First strategic partnership on functionalization


New GMP chemistry facility to functionalized Biopolymers

A leader for
30 years

The HTL Biotechnology of the future means :

  • a global expansion, from the United States to Asia, while strengthening our teams in France,
  • an ever-increasing number of applications for our biopolymers,
  • the constant creation of new and innovative products thanks to our R&D investments. Our ambition is to continue shaping the future of medicine and the biopolymer market.

Our Values

We consistensly strive to enhance our reputation for being the very best at everything we do.

Each individual in our organization understands that the quality of our products, the trust of our clients, and the positive health outcomes we deliver reflect our effort and commitment to excellence

At HTL, we believe we must stand behind our company ethos and set an exemple as a firm that stands behind the bigger picture.

  • We reliably deliver ingredients and services that fully respond to the needs of our clients.
  • With our safe, functional solutions, we improve patient health outcomes in a responsible manner.
  • On a wider level, we are committed to protecting the environment with our use of sustainable materials and processes.

At HTL, we recognize the immense value of team spirit.
Our commitment to create a collaborative and supportive work environment is at the core of our corporate culture.

We believe that the expertise of our different talents and shared aspirations helps us to achieve remarkable results.

We are proud of the role we played in shaping our sector, from a pioneer producer of Hyaluronic Acid by fermentation in the early 1990s to growing in partnership with our clients and creating the future of biopolymers.

We are determined to continue to make revolutionary changes in the industry.