About Us


HTL commits to conduct its businesses with respect and integrity and in compliance with applicable laws and regulation. HTL’s Compliance program promotes ethical behavior and personal integrity in all business dealings and activities.

The purpose of HTL Group whistleblowing procedure is to enable employees and third parties to report in confidence situations that expose the company and its employees to a significant risk and to allow each employee of the group to exercise their right to alert and withdraw in case of serious and imminent danger.

The purpose of this Code is to describe HTL Group’s anti-corruption policy and to inform and guide HTL Group’s, employees on behaviours to be avoided and good reactions to have when facing tricky situations in the context of their daily work :

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to provide an overview of the laws and regulations applicable to our business and the good practices, rules and ethical principles to which HTL Group adheres. This Code of Ethics includes examples and advice to help HTL Group’s employees make the right decisions in line with the rules and ethical principles applicable to the HTL Group :