Beyond, Together, Sustainably

As the market leader in pharmaceutical-grade injectable biopolymers for medical use, we work every day to provide our customers with high-quality products :

  • To ensure the health, safety and well-being of our employees
  • To control the environmental impact of our activities,
  • To innovate ethically and responsibly with our customers, suppliers and other partners.

Responsible with our customers and partners to preserve our environment

  • Reduce and control our water consumption
  • Control aqueous and atmospheric discharges and prevent risks of air, water and soil pollution
  • Reduce our fossil fuel consumption (decarbonation)
  • Set up management system to reduce our environmental footprint
  • Eco-design our processes and products
  • Sort, recycle, recover our waste
  • Take action to preserve ecosystems
  • Optimise our supply chain with our suppliers and service provide

Exemplary with our employees

  • Improve health and quality of life at work
  • Ensure safety
  • Ensure a quality social climate through open, respectful and ethical dialogue
  • Develop a Diversity & Inclusion policy to combat all forms of discrimination
  • Make CSR a lever of pride for team commitment and attractiveness
  • Implement a skills management policy

Citizens in civil society

  • Contine to make ethics a priority and an asset for the reputation of civil society as a whole
  • Support local biodiversity conservation
  • Give meaning to our corporate citizenship ambition by establishing local and national partnerships
  • Contribute to local economic development and jobs
  • Report on our commitments and actions through transparent communication

HTL Biotechnology wants to be responsible for its impact

Our ambition of excellence and exemplarity is based on a pioneering spirit that respects our human values and our desire to generate a ripple effect.

We are convinced that CSR, as an approach to continuous improvement, is a formidable lever for performance, operational excellence, attractiveness and talents motivation.

HTL Biotechnology develops proactive and ambitious programs through an engaging action plan and robust governance. We assess and control our risks, measure and report transparently on our extra-financial performance according to the most demanding standards and certifications.

We are therefore committed to integrating the principles of social responsibility at the highest level of decision-making and at the heart of all our activities.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% per kg of Hyaluronic Acid produced by 2026
Recycle and reuse 30% of our waste by 2025
Reduce water consumption per kg of Hyaluronic acid produced by 20% by 2025

Certification ISO 14001

The management system of HTL is certified to the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System standard.

We use ISO 14001:2015 to manage our environmental responsibilities in line with the environmental pillar of our CSR program.

Ecovadis Gold Rating

Our CSR performance is assessed by EcoVadis, a sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rating agency.

We are proud to have received the Gold EcoVadis sustainability rating for 2023.