At HTL Biotechnology, innovation is in our DNA

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of biopolymers and their production, HTL Biotechnology is always able to offer new products, responding to the latest therapeutic applications and new customer needs.

« At HTL Biotechnology, innovation is at the heart of our strategy

Our ambition is to innovate for the benefit of our customers and their patients through the development of increasingly innovative and high-performance biopolymers platforms

Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipments, enabling us to analyse, modify, and improve our biopolymers in depth. Whether perfecting the properties of existing biopolymers or paving the way for the development of new ones, our specialist teams work seamlessly together to drive innovation forward.

We are convinced that biopolymers have infinite applications in many therapeutic areas. There are many modifications of their properties and new biopolymers to be explored and developed, which gives us infinite opportunities. »

Anne-Laure Gaudry, Head of Innovation & R&D

1000m² of laboratory space
15% of total HTL workforce

Reinforce our Core Hyaluronic Acid

Our pharmaceutical grade Hyaluronic Acid has been recognized on the market for its premium quality. Discover our innovative ultra low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid to modulate rheological and biological effects.

Expand our Hyaluronic Acid platform

HTL Biotechnology offers expert guidance and support to companies venturing into the industrial production of a modified Hyaluronic Acid compound, ensuring transparent and efficient processes.

Develop new Biopolymers

Building on the success of Hyaluronic Acid, HTL Biotechnology now wishes to bring new opportunities to patients worldwide with Heparosan.