Prepare your
interview at HTL

To succeed in a job interview, you must first be well prepared.

Here are some tips to convince potential employers that you are an ideal candidate for the position you are interested in.

How to be Well Prepared

your Interview

  • Analyze the detailed job description
  • Research the company and the position
  • Think about your goals and skills
  • Think about common questions during a job interview
  • Prepare relevant questions to ask your interlocutor

your Interview

  • Be yourself
  • Be honest
  • Ask us questions
  • Pay attention to your body language and voice
  • Sell yourself
  • Get ready to follow up with the employer

Discover the Star Method

Preparing for a job interview requires determining exactly how your goals and skills match the position the employer is looking for.
For this, it is essential to research the organization and carefully analyze the job description, to determine what will differentiate you from other candidates.

The S.T.A.R method is a good example of a behavioral interview.
To fully answer the questions you will be asked, you can arrange each answer as above.
Use this method to guide you in structuring your answers and provide complete answers to the interviewer’s questions.

Situation :

  • What was the starting situation?
  • What was the difficulty?

Task :

  • What did you seek to accomplish?
  • What was your goal?

Action :

  • What did you do to achieve your goal?

Result :

  • What specific result did you achieve?