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History, Facts and Figures

HTL, a History of Transforming Lives

The history of HTL began with a small group of French pharmacists and chemists, inspired by the belief that the future of pharmaceutical products would rely on fermentation rather than animal extraction. HTL was launched in 1992 with the design of a new industrial process allowing Hyaluronic Acid to be produced by bacterial fermentation instead of being extracted from rooster combs, as was the case at that time. HTL rapidly specialized in the production of injectable grade Hyaluronic Acid as an API and has continued to invest in driving and supporting the growth of this market. Throughout the past decade, HTL has further diversified by developing other biopolymers as well as chemically modified derivatives. Now more than ever before, HTL, a world-leading sodium hyaluronate producer, is committed to building the biopolymer applications of tomorrow in the most advanced medical fields.

Facts and figures

All the activities of HTL are concentrated at its leading facility in Javené, France

Javené facility at a glance

  • 180 employees
  • R&D: 1000 m² labs + 700 m² pilot plants
  • Production and other facilities: 10 800 m²
  • 740 m² warehouse

Reliable and flexible

  • Fully compliant cGMP facilities
  • 100% compliance to client specification
  • State-of-the-art facilities, controlled & flexible batch process
  • 25 years track record recognized by the market leaders worldwide
  • Growing production capacity for sodium hyaluronate

More than 200 million syringes containing HTL’s Hyaluronic Acid have been safely used.